Monday, October 22, 2007


I just had talk with my dear friend from USA about organic modeling and somehow I must say this because all people that want to became unique artist should realize some things.Organic modeling can be learn from tutorials and watching somebody else modeling but what do you got then?You can only learn what that other person knows and that is it.Everything is in yourself you just have to let it go from inside.Every artist knows that talent does not exist,it is everything in how much you love something and how you fel something you do.In modeling use your eyes to see play of the lines that does not exist in real life but throw that thing you watch in 3d and you will see lines how they play with you and your eyes,when you figure them out and be able to control them then you will see how easy it is that in future it will be funny and in the end enjoying so much that it will push you to make things you never know you can do.Try to put some complicated thing in front of yourself and spin it arround until you see lines how they fly arround the space and try to find out wich lines contol your model and wich ones keep this thing live.You can make motorbike or car or something moe complicated then this whitout any blueprint or dimension if you watch it carefully.Why you dont need all this?because everything is in front of you,blueprints only block your mind.Try to tuch things whitout looking and you will also feel things live.If you keep tuching things more and more you will be able to bring it exactly to computer like it looks in real life.Maybe some people will find this things I wrote stupid but look deep inside yourself what do you want to do.If you want to became best then you will give everything you got inyourself whitout fear.And when you think you are the best then others then you are again on the beginning because this is not about compareing to others and about money,it is all about maximum enjoy in modeling.I figured that out when in some situations I had to make some things that I believed I cannot.I just let go my imagination and mind and I made things I tought it is impossible to make.When I first time done this I was so happy that I did not care will I earn on it something or I wont.It like bungee jumping,you are telling to yourslef you cannot do it,but it is very simple,just throw yourself and you will feel so much enjoy and important you will feel free.What money can buy that?I think there is no money that can buy this feeling,same in modeling,when you get the right results money is so not important.If you do modeling for money it will lead you only to to beginning when you will only hate what you do,so do only what you want to do even if it means to be poor,but sometimes beeing poor means be very rich.

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